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Dog Food

Browse our huge selection of brand name dog food


For Everything Pet

We are passionate about pet food and pet accessories. Every one of our quality, cost-effective and carefully curated pet products is available for nationwide delivery.

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Our online pet store sells one of Ireland’s largest selection of wet dog food, dry dog food, dog toys and dog accessories. We deliver nationwide.


Fish & Aquatics

Create an underwater paradise for your pet fish with our range of marine coral and fish tank accessories. Our online pet store also stocks a range of fish tank cleaning equipment.



For the lion in your living room, we provide a range of dry cat food and wet cat food. Our online pet store also delivers a range of cat health-promoting products and cat accessories.



PetWorx provides one of the Ireland's largest selections of pet bird food and pet bird accessories. Our online pet store provides birdseed, bird accessories and habitats.


About PetWorx

PetWorx is one of Ireland’s largest suppliers of quality pet food and pet accessories.

All the pet products available from our online pet store have been carefully vetted by our team – and their pets – to ensure their quality and value for money.

Our passion for pets, both great and small, means we have pet accessories and pet food for the most exotic of pets and for the most conventional.

From cost-effective and health prompting pet food to long-lasting chew toys, we know you'll find the right product for your favourite animal.

All our pet products are available for nationwide delivery.

We deliver the very best pet food across Ireland


Garden/Wild Bird

Bring a little colour and song to your garden or green area by installing our selection of feeders and wild bird seed. Our selection of garden and wild bird accessories are available for nationwide delivery.



Our online pet store provides reptile owners with a comprehensive range of habitat and bedding accessories. All our reptile accessorises are available for nationwide delivery.


Small Animal

We provide small animal owners all over Ireland with one of the most comprehensive collections of small animal food, small animal bedding and small animal habitats.



Our online pet store delivers the best pet product brands to pet owners nationwide. We supply the best dog food brands, cat food brands and pet accessory brands.


Personalised Items

Our online pet store provides a range of items that can be personalised. From dog collars with your pooches name to personalised feeding bowls; we have the perfect personalised present for your pet.



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